• Ricky kumar

Why people find IELTS difficult to crack?

Most of the IELTS test-takers feel this exam is difficult due to several reasons. Firstly, most of them do not know what are the criterion, they would be assessed by IELTS examiners. Plenty of test-takers assume this is just a language exam and they have better control over the language for many years, there would never be any challenge for them. Secondly, they do not even know what sort of materials they should refer to before taking this exam. I have seen many test-takers especially the re-takers who seek my expertise never follow the proper editions or contents for their preparation. Another primary reason is the attitude and approach. This exam would check your patience more than the language skillset. Are you really struggling to overcome the frustration of passing IELTS or do you really feel this is impossible? Not really in my opinion. I have been training aspirants for the last 5 years and invented many ways of dealing with these adversities.

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