Visaa Education and consultant will help you to apply to any University of your choice in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland-100% Free.


We Follow #5 stage plan to achieve your dream of studying abroad. 

  • In the first stage,attend a counselling with our experts and plan for Langauge preparation such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc along with country and Institution selection.

  • In the 2nd stage, you will be asked to draft Statement of purpose with the help our experts and also need to submit your required documents to the chosen Universities( We apply minimum to 3 Universities and colleges).

  • After receiving the conditional offer letter, then apply for Education loan or arrange funds to pay tution Fee  and other MIscellaneous fee to receive Final offer letter with CAS or COE.

  • After the payment to the university,arrange documents to process visa  and should apply for the same with our help.

  • After obtaining the Visa, arrange your flights along with accomodation with the help of our experts. We also  connect you to the students who are entering to the same university so that we can have your own community before landing to the desired country.


  • Almost a million Indian students currently study in various colleges across the world, and their global footprint spans almost a hundred countries. Most of these students will go on, as their predecessors did, to fame and fortune in cutting edge careers, and impactful research. They will make the world a better place.

  • What is the magic ingredient? Why do so many of India’s brightest minds prefer to study abroad? There are many reasons, and we invite you to join us in our latest deep dive!

Your career prospects and earning potential skyrocket if you study abroad

  • Careers abroad work largely on the basis of the strength of your network – this is especially true of the USA. Once you study in the best universities abroad, you will be able to use the network of the Career Cell, the industry partners, your seniors who have graduated recently, and your large alumni pool to give yourself multiple options for your job or research posting. This is a very valuable safety net to have, especially given that the condition of the economy when you graduate is uncertain, and is not something you can control directly. A strong global network is an invisible force that will help you throughout your career.

There is lower competition per seat in the best universities abroad

  • When you compare and contrast this to India, the difference is stark. In India, the number of high quality options for undergraduate or graduate education is lower than in most target countries abroad. The total number of seats available in these top Indian colleges is also lower than in the top 5-10 destinations for collegiate education abroad. On the other hand, the number of people applying for college education in India is in the tens of millions per year, much higher than in any 5 countries abroad combined. Hence, the ratio of applicants to college seats in India is very high, and the ratio of applicants to high quality college seats is astronomically large.

In the long term, your career roles and promotions will be helped by your degree abroad​

  • At many points in your career, you will be up for consideration for a promotion or a fast track appointment. There will always be competition for these promotions, and there will always be people who have a profile (education and work performance) of equal strength. In such situations, having a degree from a big name school from a prominent geography can be the deciding factor, and clinch you a promotion, with better responsibilities and higher pay.

Courses abroad offer way more flexibility than courses in Indian universities

  • Flexibility is a feature of course selection and degree customization that allows a student, for example, to choose his / her undergrad major two years into a degree. Flexibility can allow a student to mix and match courses to an unprecedented extent, so that interdisciplinary learning is both encouraged and nourished. Flexibility can allow a student to finish a degree early, or to take up minor degrees to facilitate career shifts. Flexibility can allow for customized Master’s degrees that fully reflect the needs of a changing job market.

Exposure to a truly international student body

  • We have talked a lot about better career opportunities and professional growth abroad. However, personal growth is also an important part of the puzzle, and one major advantage that Indian students going abroad have is the exposure to students from dozens of different countries. Not only does this broaden the mind and experience level of those who are lucky enough to be exposed to it, but it is also a very important long term asset. Exposure to international students helps one work with them in the long term, and intercontinental collaboration is the key to getting your career to the next level.

Improve your chances of emigration in the long term significantly

  • In case you have a degree from a reputed college abroad, and you want to build a life and career in that country (or in a similar country) in the medium to long term, you have a huge advantage. Of course, the obvious fact that you are a highly qualified professional who was trained in their higher education system is a huge plus. In addition, cultural integration (which is sometimes a concern when bringing in foreign workers) will not be a problem in your case.